The Eighth Story Mountain of Blood and Tears  Memoirs Volume 1   by Lorie Cramer

Memoirs, Volume 1   ~   Lorie Cramer   ~

A Husband's Reflection

Based on Lorie's horrendous experiences during childhood, she could easily have hated life and people by the time of adolescence. The terrible experiences during adolescence could easily have left her hating life and all people.  Yet she seems to have entered young adulthood with a hope and conviction that her life could still be meaningful and fulfilling. Awful situations and experiences as an adult still have not eradicated Lorie's faith in God. How could anyone that has suffered so much throughout her life still have faith in and a strong love for the Lord? I believe that the hand of the Lord has always been over Lorie. She was selected for showing that through great suffering, if one holds strong to their love for God, their rewards will be great, even in this life. Lorie's innumerable mystical experiences have given her a true taste of the heavenly bliss that awaits all true believers. Even though she has suffered greatly, her unshakable faith has been rewarded over and over. Lorie knows from directly experiencing the love of God in the center of her being, that no earthly treasures could ever compare. Anyone that learns of Lorie's particular sufferings and hears her speak of the reality of God's love could ever doubt that there is a God and that men are spiritual beings. Lorie's experiences are proof that the spiritual world is real. They are proof that Christian dogma is based on fact. Lorie knows from direct experience of the love of God in the center of her being.
     Dan Cramer, November 22, 2005

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