I am a survivor even though I have had to suffer hell most of my life. I lost all my family in childhood and of all things, I have even lost three children by death. One son committed suicide, and another son died of alcoholism.  My thirteen month old baby girl died of a heart defect. Even so, I have managed to live through the tragedies and traumas I listed below! IF you don't drink and are still haunted by alcohol and think you have been through hell or feel like you have been locked into hell, and abandoned by God, this book is for YOU! IF you too feel like you have been a failure and a victim soul that climbed that EIGHTH STORY MOUNTAIN OF BLOOD AND TEARS don't give up! IF, a mega-mess like myself can survive, and be positive and happy, believe me, YOU CAN TOO!

IF as a child you were continually shipped out to only God knows where, and Santa Claus didn't ever come, and you continually lost your identity, my book is for YOU!
IF you have felt unloved, didn't have a mother, father or any other family and have been named PIG in your childhood, and told that you are UGLY, my book is for YOU! 
IF you have been molested and physically abused by your father or mother, my book is for YOU!
IF you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or whatever, my book is for YOU!

I have survived all those things mentioned above. And I have finally found joy, peace and love with the help of Fr. Louis (Thomas) Merton) OCSO, Fr. Chrysogonus Waddell OCSO, Fr. Michael Casagram OCSO, Br. Chrysostom Castel OCSO, Fr. Joachim Johnson OCSO, and other monks of Our Lady of Gethsemani Monastery, in Trappist, Kentucky.   

My website will continue to be a work in progress.


My first book, The Eighth Story Mountain of Blood and Tears, A Memoir, Volume One can be ordered at Amazon in paperback. It is now available at Amazon in Kindle format for $9.99. It is available at in paperback and Nook format at Barnes and Noble.com. Also available at the iTunes books.

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